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Line of Duty trailer Easter egg casts doubts over Hastings

Mother of God!

Published: Tuesday, 9th March 2021 at 5:14 pm

Fans of Line of Duty have been pouring over an exciting season six trailer since it came out earlier in the day.


And in true detective fashion, every single frame has been scrutinised already – and we mean every single frame.

One eagle-eyed fan spotted a pretty hefty Easter egg during a throwaway moment in a QR code.

Take a look at the following screenshot from the trailer, which shows forensics taking a picture of a magazine with new victim Gail Vella (played by Andi Osho) on the front cover.

line of duty

Spot anything unusual? Well, how many magazines do you see with a QR code on the front?

If you take out the camera on your phone and focus in on the QR code, a page will open. Once loaded, you'll find a rather chilling letter from Philip Osborne, Chief Constable (Owen Teale).

The letter is sent to DCC A. Wise (that's Andrea Wise, to you and us, played by Elizabeth Rider), and addresses some concerns with AC-12, in particular, their leader, Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar).

The memo reads: "I think it is high time we had a much closer look at AC-12. I'm beginning to question whether this department is fit for purpose especially under its current – and let's be frank – extremely difficult leadership.

"Ted Hastings doesn't lead investigations, more commit to a crusade. He is oblivious to the politics of the situation which creates problems for me and problems for you because policing is politics.

"And should AC-12 even be led by someone who himself has been accused of corruption?"

Line of Duty letter

The note continues by asking what they should do next, adding: "Is it time for a leadership change? What role should Ted Hastings have in this organisation - if any at all?"

The letter certainly casts doubt over Hastings' future at AC-12 – and this isn't the first time his authority has been called into question throughout the history of Line of Duty.

Perhaps more worryingly, Osborne is the one accusing Hastings, despite being pretty corrupt himself.

Is he angling for the top job at AC-12? Or is he after revenge for being brought to justice by Steve Arnott (Martin Compston)?

One thing's for certain, this latest Easter Egg spells trouble for Hastings.

Watch the trailer for Line of Duty season six below.

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