Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar on whether Hastings is exonerated – or could he still be ‘H’?

The star of BBC One's long-running detective drama revealed his thoughts on whether Ted Hastings could still be H.

Adrian Dunbar

Throughout the last five series of Line of Duty, viewers, alongside AC-12, have been desperately trying to decipher the identity of H, the corrupt cop running a criminal enterprise under the nose of the police force, but to no avail.


While the previous season explored whether Superintendent Ted Hastings could be the man that Arnott and Fleming have been looking for, many came to the conclusion that the Anti-Corruption boss could be cleared of any suspicion – but what does Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar think?

Speaking to during an exclusive live Q&A with the Line of Duty cast and writers, Dunbar, who plays Hastings on the show, revealed that you can never really know whether Hastings is truly innocent.

When asked whether Hastings was exonerated during season five, Dunbar said: “Well look you know with Line of Duty, you really don’t know, but I would say after season five that we’ve been through the mill with Ted, but who knows.”

Responding to Dunbar’s audio cutting out towards the end of his sentence, Vicky McClure, who plays DI Kate Fleming, said, “Did you just give a massive clue [about season six]?” while series creator Jed Mercurio said “That was very incriminating whatever it was.”

Dunbar then added: “I do believe that Ted was exonerated at the end of [season] five but you don’t know, other things could happen.”

Hastings was very close to being locked up last series after DCS Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin) built a solid case for the superintendent being the bent copper behind H. Luckily for him, his “best team” cleared his name at the last minute – but that still leaves a few unanswered questions for Hastings to answer.

Earlier in the Q&A, which also featured Lennie James, Martin Compston and Craig Parkinson, Compston revealed that season six will see a “bombshell” of a plot twist at the end of episode four.

The upcoming season was just four weeks into filming when COVID-19 halted production back in March, however Mercurio said during the Q&A that producers are aiming to finish shooting the series by Christmas for fans to watch next year.

The Q&A, which was live-streamed after BBC One’s repeat of Line of Duty’s first ever episode, is available to watch on the Radio Times Facebook page.


Line of Duty season one continues on BBC One on Tuesday night and all five full seasons can be watched on iPlayer. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.