Belle finally lost the plot completely on Mike Bartlett's BBC One drama Life as she dealt – very badly – with the news her ex-husband Neil (Adam James) was marrying a young woman who was pregnant.


The recovering alcoholic found the only way she could survive the collapse of her life was to hit the bottle. And how hard she hit it!

After being introduced to Neil's fiancée (Emily Head) in a restaurant the new couple proceeded to take pity on her and try to right his wrongs by offering her his half of the divorce settlement.

A little later she drunkenly invited him around to her flat for one last hoorah, but he rejected her.

A fan of Life tweeted: "Great performance by Victoria Hamilton."

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Viewers were torn been feeling absolute "cringe" at Belle's meltdown in the hallway of the flat, dragging all her neighbours into her drunken melodrama, but others felt pity.

"She was doing so well with her new life. Neil turns up and f**ks it up all over again!

Another viewer tweeted: "Quality tv drama, featuring a tour de force by Victoria Hamilton - first class theatre on the small screen. Bravo!"

Hamilton told Radio Times previously: “Mike is brilliant at sending his characters the worst challenge possible. Mine is a control freak and suddenly she’s in a situation she cannot control and that makes for very good drama.”

Bartlett revealed why he was so keen to continue Anna/Belle’s story: “I was desperate to work with Victoria more on screen not just as a supporting actor but as a lead, which I know she can be. She is one of this country’s leading stage actors.”

Hamilton was delighted to be offered the role and at age 49 has found she’s getting the leading roles denied to her as a younger actress. “It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I’m offered roles like this, so I’m just praying it continues.”

Life continues on BBC One on Tuesday 27th October.


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