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Liar viewers in shock after truth is revealed half way through series

But some people still aren’t convinced about what exactly happened between Laura and Andrew – SPOILERS

Published: Wednesday, 7th February 2018 at 11:27 am

***This article contains spoilers for Liar episode three***


On Monday night, Liar viewers found out that Andrew Earlham did in fact rape Laura Nielson.

Halfway through the suspenseful ITV series that has had viewers divided over which character was telling the truth, the 'liar' in Liar has made himself known.

The revelation occurred in a scene where Andrew pulled a vial out of his jacket pocket and slipped some drugs into glass of red wine.

After three weeks wondering whether to go with Laura's word or Andrew's, many viewers were surprised by the revelation – and the fact that it came with three episodes still to come.

Read why the writers decided to expose the truth here – and check out some of the viewer reactions below.

The drama has been praised for reflecting reality and exposing the fact that in real-life rape cases, so many women aren’t believed.

But some Liar viewers still aren’t convinced it was Andrew…


If the Liar truly has been exposed – then what’s next for the drama? Not to worry, the writers have assured us that plenty more surprises are in store…


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