Jon Snow looks very dead in the first Game of Thrones series six trailer

And all hell is breaking loose in Westeros


First it seemed like Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was dead, then it seemed like he might be resurrected, and then it sounded like he was dead after all.


Frankly, we’re so confused we’re not sure whether any of us are truly alive any more – and the first-look trailer for the HBO drama’s sixth season hasn’t helped our worried state, with the erstwhile Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch laid out on a slab and described as “gone”.

We’re still not 100% that we’ve seen the last of Jon yet if we’re honest, but even if we have it looks like there will be plenty more to enjoy from the Seven Kingdoms this year, from religious uprisings and deadly battle scenes to a new status quo for characters like Daenerys and Cersei.


All that, AND a bit where Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) meets the Night’s King in some sort of dream battle. Frankly, by the end of this exciting series we probably won’t even remember who that Jon guy was.


Game of Thrones will air on Sky Atlantic on the 24th April