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Jon Hamm: "The Tudors thought I was John Hannah"

Would you mistake Don Draper for Rebus?

Published: Friday, 12th December 2014 at 10:02 am

With the best will in the world, you’re not going to mistake Jon Hamm for John Hannah. They’re both successful actors in their own right, but one is an oak-voiced Californian, the other is the Scottish guy from Four Weddings and a Funeral. 


Yet that’s exactly the mistake casting agents apparently made. Speaking at a screening for the Black Mirror Christmas special, Hamm explained the embarrassing mix up: 

“100% true story. I got an audition for The Tudors, and they thought I was John Hannah. I’m not Scottish, I’m not 50, and I’m also not eligible to work in the UK. But I did learn a bunch of lines and practice an accent.”

So did he go forward with the audition, even after the error was revealed?

“No, because there’s no point in it and I’m not going to get the job.”

Still, the mix-up hardly set back his career. Hamm went on to star in the multi-awarding winning Mad Men, while Hannah is a constant fixture on British screens. As Hamm put it: “Happy endings for all of us.”

Charlie Brooker has actually hired both Jo(h)ns for his TV series. Hannah starred in the hilarious Touch of Cloth detective send-ups, while Hamm makes his Brooker-verse debut in the utterly bleak Black Mirror: White Christmas. Why did Brooker hire the American actor?

“We thought we were getting Hannah again!”



Black Mirror: White Christmas premieres Tuesday 16th December, 9pm on Channel 4


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