ITV continuity announcer introduces BBC drama by mistake



As the clock struck 9pm, ITV’s continuity announcer had one job: to introduce the series finale of The Level.


But instead of teeing up the Karla Crome crime drama, David Johnson inexplicably found himself announcing a different series altogether – one that airs on an entirely different channel…

“With scenes from the start that some viewers made find upsetting and strong language, it’s the final episode of The Fall,” he said, in a gaffe that didn’t go unnoticed by the tweeting public.

Of course, you could be forgiven for getting the two a little muddled. After all, The Level sees Crome’s bad-ass detective chasing down drug traffickers while The Fall follows bad-ass Gillian Anderson chasing down Jamie Dornan’s serial killer – although perhaps the mix-up was wishful thinking on ITV’s part given The Level’s below-par viewing figures.


But according to announcer David Johnson the mistake was a mere slip of the tongue. Unfortunately for him it just happened to take place on national television…