Is The Durrells star Milo Parker transforming into the real Gerald Durrell?

Behind-the-scenes footage reveals the young actor's growing passion for conservation


Sometimes actors find themselves picking up traits from the characters they play – which is not always a good thing.


Luckily for Milo Parker he stars as budding conservationist Gerald Durrell in ITV’s The Durrells, a role which has transformed him into a passionate nature-lover.

Behind-the-scenes footage from the set in Corfu shows Parker having a great time hanging out with dogs, hawks, and goats.

“I would say that Milo Parker, when he started in this programme, although he loved animals he didn’t have particular experience,” producer Christopher Hall explains. “But he has become an extraordinary handler of animals. Very brave but also very intuitive, he just kind of understands them and they understand him.”

Parker has even managed to persuade Mossup the dog – who plays Roger in the show – to sit patiently next to him so they can both be interviewed.

“She’s the most amazing dog I think I’ve ever met,” he says. “I love her to pieces, she’s amazing, she’s just the most amazing dog, she does everything you ask her to.”

The young actor now serves as an ambassador for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, which continues the conservation mission of naturalist Gerry Durrell whose love of nature was inspired by his childhood in Corfu.

Series two of The Durrells sees Louisa (Keeley Hawes) attempt to find someone to tutor her youngest son and stop him running wild over the island. But Gerry won’t go down without a fight as he focuses on the thing he really loves: animals. He and Theo begin a mission to breed otters and revive the population on Corfu.


Series two of The Durrells is out on DVD on 29th May