BBC One drama Inside Man came to a close on Tuesday night, with Harry's (David Tennant) complicated web of lies being untangled by investigative journalist Beth (Lydia West) and the titular prisoner Grieff (Stanley Tucci).


However, despite the drama's explosive ending, it looks as though fans haven't had enough of the multi-threaded thriller.

In an exclusive poll, nearly half of Inside Man fans said they want to see the Steven Moffat drama return for a second season.

Voting via Twitter, 48.6 per cent of viewers revealed that they would love to see more of the show in comparison to 36 per cent who said that one season was enough.

Meanwhile, 15.3 per cent of readers were keen for another series, but only with David Tennant – who played vicar Harry Watling – returning to the show.

One viewer wrote on Twitter that they would love for the show to return for season 2, adding: "But Dolly Wells better be in it again too!"

Unfortunately, it's hard to tell where else Harry's story could go after the recent finale, with the vicar heading to jail for the kidnap and assault of Janice (Dolly Wells) – his son's maths tutor who he'd trapped in his cellar after she found child pornography on a memory stick in his possession.

However, a second season could explore Grieff's story further – if the criminal hasn't been sent to the electric chair already – as viewers never found out why exactly he killed his wife.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, creator Moffat said that while the show tells a "self-contained story", he's open to exploring new possibilities.

Season 1's final episode ended with a recovered Janice paying Grieff a visit at his American prison, asking for his help with a case regarding the murder of her husband – a crime that was yet to be committed.

With the mid-credits scene setting up a potential return for Inside Man, perhaps fans won't have to wait too long until Steven Moffat gets back to work!

All four episodes of Inside Man are available now on BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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