Popular 2018 drama series Innocent has returned to our screens for a week of repeats ready to recapture your attention.


Broadcasters have been left with holes in their schedules due to the ongoing lockdown situation and lack of filming, meaning Innocent may not be the only drama to make a return in the coming weeks and months.

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Is Innocent a repeat on ITV?

Yes, the drama series originally aired across three nights from 14th to 17th May, 2018. It is now getting a repeat showing on ITV.

Innocent is airing one episode every night from Monday 4th May until Thursday 7th May.

Each episode will begin at 9:15pm and runs for an hour.

What is Innocent about?

The show focuses on the life of released prisoner David Collins as he attempts to rebuild his life after serving seven years in a high-security jail for the murder of his wife.

His conviction is overturned, leading to his release, but questions remain over his innocence, with a new investigation launched and fresh revelations bubbling to the surface.

Innocent cast: Who appears in the series?

The drama is headed up by Lee Ingleby (Inspector George Gently, The A Word) in the role of David Collins and Hermione Norris (Spooks, Cold Feet) as Alice Moffat.

Angel Coulby (Imagine Me & You, Merlin), Daniel Ryan (Black Sea, The Bay) and Adrian Rawlins (Harry Potter, Girlfriends) are among the supporting cast.

Where was Innocent filmed?

Check out our detailed Innocent location guide for more information on where the drama is set and where it was filmed.

Innocent season 2: Will the series return?

Back in 2018, star Lee Ingleby told RadioTimes.com, "I think it’s a self-contained thing" while his co-star Daniel Ryan said: "It’s a one-off."

However, in May 2019, screenwriter Chris Lang announced a second season - with an all-new cast and story - had been commissioned in a tweet.

Little is known about the second season, and all production will have halted given the circumstances, but the fact that ITV are re-running episodes suggests the project remains very much in the pipeline.


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