Viewers are already comparing new BBC thriller Informer to Bodyguard

Could it really be better than Jed Mercurio's hit drama?

Raza in Informer

New BBC thriller Informer kicked off on Tuesday night, and its already proving a hit with some fans, who are comparing it to Jed Mercurio’s water-cooler smash Bodyguard.


The six-part series follows Raza (Nabhaan Rizwan), who’s recruited by Gabe (Paddy Considine) as an undercover informant for the British counter-terrorism police. Like Bodyguard, which became the BBC’s most popular drama in ten years during its run earlier this autumn, it seems to have enthused, perplexed and frustrated viewers in equal measure in its first episode – could this be the winning formula for a hit series nowadays?

While not everyone loved the show – some found it too confusing, owing to a myriad of bit-part characters – more than a few felt it bore similarities to Mercurio’s latest series, and that it may even be… better.

“Strong opening episode of Informer I thought,” Nick Mitchell wrote on Twitter. “As gritty as could be expected for BBC One drama. Nabhaan Rizwaan looks remarkably assured for his TV debut alongside the always great Paddy Considine. Already better than Bodyguard?”

George Smiley added: “Just watched Informer on BBC1 – at last a programme that’s been researched and advised properly to give it credence and already better than Bodyguard. The brilliant Paddy Considine gives it gravitas and Nabhaan Rizwaan superb in his debut on TV.”

Check out some more Bodyguard-related praise for Informer below.

However, not everyone was able to get on board after episode one, citing unrealistic and confusing plotlines and an overstuffed cast.

“36 mins into Informer & I’m still no wiser to wtf is going on or who anybody is,” @The_Evil_Barbie wrote. “If it doesn’t get less bitty & scattered soon, I”m not sure I can be arsed to stick with the rest of the program, let alone watch another episode.”

The entire series of Informer is now up on BBC iPlayer, so you can go and see for yourself…


Informer continues on BBC1 next Tuesday at 9pm – and the whole series is now available to stream on BBC iPlayer