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In My Skin star Gabrielle Creevy says tonight’s episode is a “hard watch”

“It’s one of those episodes where you don’t want to watch but you need to watch.”

In My Skin
Published: Friday, 26th November 2021 at 2:20 pm

In My Skin star Gabrielle Creevy has teased that tonight’s episode is a “hard watch” and she had to “close her eyes” viewing it back.


The first series of the show, which aired in 2018, followed 16-year-old Bethan (Creevy) growing up in Cardiff and going to great lengths to hide her family – her mother Trina (Jo Hartley), who has bipolar disorder, and her abusive father Dilwyn (Rhodri Meilir) – from her friends.

So far in the new series, which began airing from 12th November on BBC One, things seem to be getting better for Bethan, who is now head girl, in her final year of school and falling for newcomer Cam. Trina, who is stable, also develops a new romantic interest in these episodes and takes steps towards a better life away from her abuser Dilwyn.

However, in episode three, which airs tonight on BBC One, events swerve off with a shocking twist, and the mood of the series changes dramatically.

“I think it will be a hard watch,” Creevy told in an exclusive interview. “Even when I watched it, I was closing me eyes and opening my eyes again and forgetting that’s me. I forget we did that, but I’m not watching myself, I’m watching everything that’s happening.

“I think it will provoke a lot of strong reactions from the audience."

Asked whether she’s excited for viewers to see the episode, she continued: “It’s one of those episodes where you don’t want to watch but you need to watch. I don’t think people will really expect it.”

Creevy went on to say that a dramatic scene involving her, Meilir and Hartley in the upcoming episode (without giving too much away) was “probably one of the hardest scenes” she’s had to film in the series.

“It’s so physical and there’s so much going on,” she teased. “I can’t explain the experience. This whole In My Skin experience has been incredible, and I’m just honoured to tell this story, and have those moments that we’re talking about, and be able to show them in a really authentic and real way. It has just been one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

In My Skin episode 3 airs on Friday 26th November on BBC One at 11:25pm. The full series is also available on BBC iPlayer now.


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