I’m a Celebrity 2016 Day 12: Martin rocks the boat, King Adam reigns supreme and Danny is sent packing

It was a busy 12th day Down Under...


Nipple tassels and “hell holes” were top of the agenda in Friday’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! So we’d wager there was a cup of tea or two spluttered in living rooms across the nation when Carol Vorderman discussed an embarrassing incident involving accessories for her two from the top.


The former Countdown numbers whizz found herself in the first bottom two of the series with writer, comedian and broadcaster Danny Baker by the end of the episode, but before the duo found out who’d say goodbye to camp there was a show to get on with.

Martin rocks the boat

For days now the camp has been split into royals and servants, but former monarch of the Aussie glen Martin Roberts wasn’t handling life among the ‘commoners’ too well. 

“It occurred to me, perhaps not unreasonable that the peasants stage a revolt”, Roberts mused, before having his ideas shot down by every single camper.

Larry Lamb, in particular, was having none of it

“We’ve had a nice cosy time here Martin, if you want to rock the boat, get on and rock boy, we’ll clap you as you do it.” said Larry, as the camp proceeded to put the property expert firmly under the hammer. 

You almost felt sorry for him, especially when he failed to understand even the most basic instructions Carol Vorderman delivered during the Knights in Muddy Armour challenge.

Lisa and Scarlet stage a mini revolt 

They may have spent their time talking about how terrible Martin’s plans to rebel against the Snake Rock Royals were, but that didn’t stop Lisa and Scarlet subtly stealing supplies from the banquet that’d been laid on for them after they’d won the mini tournament.

You’ve got to respect women who can hide that many lamb shanks in their pockets because it’s no mean feat.

Sadly the girls had their contraband confiscated, but not before Lisa could down a few more ribs.

Bro-ve is in the air

Bromance continued to blossom in the jungle for Larry, Joel, Wayne, Jordan and Adam, as the boys bonded and shared their love and respect for one another.

Over at Snake Rock, Adam and Wayne joined forces to keep the king on his throne, taking on Scarlett and Lisa in the Gates to Hell Bushtucker Trial. One royal and one subject had to lie on carts in an old mine shaft and race to get to the end and ring a bell when they finished to either claim or retain a throne. However, within the mine shaft there were three locked gates and the only way to open them was to retrieve a star inside a hell hole by each gate. 

Wayne and Adam both managed to best the girls in the challenge, leaving the latter sitting firmly atop his throne. “People have tried to take my throne and I’ve beat them, King Adam lives on,” the Emmerdale star decreed. Just wait until he has to deal with parliamentary democracy…

Meanwhile back in camp, Larry Lamb and Joel Dommett were bonding as Joel plucked bark from Larry’s back. The comedian later decreed that Lamb’s eviction would be one of the worst scandals of 2016.

“That’ll be the three shock results: Brexit, Trump and Larry Lamb leaving I’m A Celebrity,” said Dommett, much to the amusement of the actor.

Wayne and Adam bonded as they sent would-be royals Scarlett and Lisa back to camp, keeping their crowns and their chairs for at least another 24 hours or so.

And there was even some cross camp bromance going on, as Adam and Jordan were finally reunited – albeit briefly.

Their ‘you hang up, no you hang up’ style strategy may not have proven as fruitful as they originally hoped, but it gave Jordan a perfect excuse to visit his pal with some fresh towels.

And Danny was sent packing

The writer, comedian and broadcaster left the jungle just five days after he joined the fracas, much to the surprise of Larry Lamb and co.

Baker, however, said he wasn’t shocked at all.


And Carol and her tales of nipple tassels lived to fight another jungle day.