Idris Elba teases new Luther episodes: “TV audiences deserve a little bit more”

A film following the troubled detective is still "waiting in the wings" though, says the actor


Thought you’d probably seen the last of Luther on BBC1? Think again. Idris Elba, who plays the troubled detective, has teased plans to air new episodes on the channel.


Fans of the dark and gripping drama were subjected to a three year wait between the end of season three and two specials which aired in December 2015 – and since then the future of Luther has remained uncertain.

There has always been talk of taking Luther to the big screen. Creator Neil Cross said, “I think there will be a Luther movie – that’s the plan” in 2013. But Elba has now revealed that we are more likely to see Luther on the small screen first.

“Without saying too much, I think TV audiences deserve a little bit more before we step onto the big silver screen,” Elba told Loaded.

“When and how and what that will feel like, we’re not sure yet. My instinct is it’ll be TV, but film is just definitely waiting in the wings.”


Whether those episodes will star Ruth Wilson’s Alice, who was last seen in the series three finale, remains to be seen. “There’s definitely an element of Luther that isn’t whole without Alice. Without a doubt,” said Elba, adding: “But it’s called Luther – it’s not called Alice!”