Hugh Laurie to play another Doctor in new Hulu series Chance

The Blackadder and Night Manager favourite plays a gritty forensic neuropsychiatrist who is sucked into a world of violence and mental illness


Finally. After four years since House finished, Hugh Laurie is renewing his doctor’s license. Yes, his role as arms dealer Richard Onslow Roper in The Night Manager sent chills down everyone’s spines, but the news Laurie is headlining the medical drama Chance on Hulu is a welcome blast from the past.


But beware, Chance is not another House. At all. Instead of a grumpy MD, Laurie will play a gritty forensic neuropsychiatrist who, as seen in the trailer, is sucked into a world of violence and mental illness.

If that’s not drawing you in, this will: Chance is an adaption of Kem Nunn’s novel and will be directed by Oscar-nominee Lenny Abrahamson (Room). Plus, the 20-episode series could also pump life into Hulu’s original TV productions, with Chance hoping to be what House of Cards was to Netflix.


Still not convinced? Just feel the shudder as Laurie scowls (American accent intact): “I will not accept that this problem cannot be solved.”