Coming up with a title for your TV show is a tricky business, with many programme-makers struggling to find the perfect cocktail of words to summarise their efforts to the eager viewing public.

Imagine if Friends had actually been called Six of one? Rubbish. Or if Monty Python’s Flying Circus had actually gone with The Toad Elevating Moment… ok, actually that’s quite good.

Still, it’s clear that the slightest change to a title can wreak havoc with the impression of a show. So when Twitter users yesterday started making the tiniest of changes to their favourite show titles – under the hashtag #ReplaceALetterRuinATVShow – it’s no surprise that it caused virtual havoc. Though we have to say, some of these shows probably would be well worth watching…

Some fans tried to alter their favourite sci-fi or fantasy shows

Some opted to fiddle with gripping dramas

Breaking Baa (in which a sheep makes an epic getaway) #ReplaceALetterRuinATvShow

— Eddy Davis (@EddyZDavis) February 3, 2015

#ReplaceALetterRuinATvShow Mad Hen #MadMen

— LocateTV (@locatetv) February 3, 2015

Some tried their chances with classic entertainment formats

A few people thought they could make comedies even funnier

And even beloved children’s shows weren’t safe from the mockery.

But we have to say, this is our favourite. Just think of the crossover appeal of this new direction for a favourite series, even without Benedict Cumberbatch…