Housewives, strippers and How I Met Your Mother star in new trailer for Afternoon Delight

Josh Radnor plays husband whose rocky marriage gets more complicated when his wife takes in a stripper to live with them

Although How I Met Your Mother fans might have to wait until the autumn to finally see Ted meet his future wife, they can catch the hopeless romantic take on the role of husband in upcoming film Afternoon Delight.


The movie stars Josh Radnor as husband in marital crisis to bored housewife Rachel played by Kathryn Hahn.

After a trip to the gentleman’s club to try and salvage their failing marriage, Rachel befriends one of the 19-year old “sex workers,” played by Juno Temple. Much to her husband’s confusion, Rachel takes in the free-spirited teenager after seeing her struggle on her own. The new houseguest causes tension in the already rocky relationship.

Jane Lynch sheds her Coach Sylvester tracksuit and is still as sassy as ever playing therapist to the housewife.

And yes, the title really does mean what it says. Does this make 4 o’ clock tea the new afternoon delight?


Directed by Jill Soloway, the dramedy won the Sundance Directing Award when it premiered at the film festival in January. It will be released in select US theatres beginning 23 August. A UK release date has yet to be announced.