House of Cards creator reacts to Donald Trump’s US Presidential Election win: “We must prevent him from ruining the nation”

Beau Willimon, who adapted the US version of the political drama, has spoken out


As the dust settles on the US Presidential Election, many public figures have been turning over what the future will be like under a Donald Trump presidency, and how best his opponents might cope over the next few years.


But one man with a history of devising complex political manoeuvres has a pretty clear message for those disappointed by Hillary Clinton’s defeat – and that’s House of Cards creator Beau Willimon, who adapted the US series from the original British novels and TV series.

As Trump’s win seemed more certain later in the night, Willimon called on his followers to stop Trump from “ruining the nation”, and laid out some ideas of how best to do that.

And when Clinton finally conceded he remained uncowed.

In summation, it’s probably a good thing that Willimon left House of Cards after the most recent series, as it sounds like he’s got a few real-life political schemes to cook up from now on. After all, real US politics just became more surprising than anything Frank Underwood could come up with anyway…


House of Cards is available to stream on Netflix now