Two very important Outlander characters are poised to make their first appearance.

Brianna Randall, daughter of Claire and Jamie, and Roger Wakefield, Reverend Wakefield's adopted son, are set to star in the last episode of season two.

While we've seen younger versions of the characters before, they are set to be all grown up in the finale. But you don't have to wait that long to get your first glimpse of the new faces, who are set to become an integral part of the Outlander story, because here they are.


The pair can be seen posing in what looks like Reverand Wakefield's living room in Scotland.

"There is so much anticipation for these characters," says Scottish actor Richard Rankin, who plays Roger. "I really think what we care most about is whether people are going to be happy with these characters that they’ve been waiting two years for.”

"There’s been this buildup for so long,” adds actress Sophie Skelton. "It’s a scary thought because of things like the fact that Brianna’s from Boston, but we decided not to go with a Boston accent. We just assumed that given how she was raised in a private Catholic school in the ’60s, she sort of had any Boston drummed out of her and she’d be a standard American.”

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