Here’s your first glimpse of new Gilmore Girls episodes

Takeaways, town meetings and teachers? Your first look at Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival


You should probably be sitting down for this. And have a giant cup of coffee in your hands.


After almost 10 long years, here is our very first glimpse of the Gilmore Girls. That’s right, Lorelai and Rory are back and we’ve got seven brand new images from the new Netflix revival to prove it.

Here are Lorelai and Luke wandering around a sunny Stars Hollow. Holding hands, still very much together and looking wonderfully loved up. Just like we’d hoped.


And here’s one familiar face Gilmore Girls just wouldn’t be the same without. Sadly Edward Herrmann, who played Rory’s grandfather Richard Gilmore, passed away in 2014, so expect the dynamic at family gatherings and Friday Night Dinners to be slightly different.


Some things will never change, though. Like the existence of Friday Night Dinners – and Emily’s fancy formality.


Over in Stars Hollow, life seems wonderfully familiar. Town meeting – check! Busy-bodying – check!


Community spirit – check!


But what about Rory? Well… It looks like the literature-lover could be an English teacher now, imparting her knowledge on a new generation of Chilton students. Or maybe she’s just popped by to give an inspiring talk about what you can go on to achieve with a solid education.


Either way life at the Gilmore’s looks just like we remember it. Cluttered, homely, kitsch. And with a kitchen table laden down with takeaway and sweet snacks. Bliss.


Rumour has it each of the four new feature-length episodes will be set during a different season in Stars Hollow and these images are distinctly summery. Which hopefully means we’ve got another three sets of images coming our way soon…


Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix for four episodes