Has Natalie Dormer accidentally confirmed Jon Snow is alive in Game of Thrones series six?

Or does she know nothing?


Officially, we know nothing about Jon Snow’s apparent death at the end of Game of Thrones series five. He definitely didn’t look good.


Theories and sightings flew back and forth across the Internet for months, but then came this poster, which seemed to confirm the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was back.


However, as we pointed out, there was still room for doubt.

Until Natalie Dormer showed up on Jimmy Kimmel, and apparently confirmed the posters were a major spoiler.

“Now there’s been some posters up that have maybe given a little bit of the game away,” she told the host.

So that’s that, Snow is alive, right?

Well, maybe not. Turns out Dormer is apparently as ignorant as the rest of us.

“I don’t know,” she clarified, “I’ve been doing this cool thing the last few years… I wanted to go back to feeling like a fan, so I stopped reading other people’s storylines.”


Possibly this is just a feint – after all, series six has wrapped and she has had plenty of time to catch up with the rest of the cast. The only way we’ll know for sure is watching this April.