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Netflix 'lining up adaptation of Harlan Coben's Stay Close'

Netflix are reportedly securing a deal with Red Production Company to adapt a third Harlan Coben title for the platform

Published: Tuesday, 19th May 2020 at 3:16 pm

After the success of The Stranger, Netflix are reportedly working to adapt another Harlan Coben novel – Stay Close – for the small screen.


According to Deadline, the streaming platform is finalising a deal with Red Production Company – the British producer behind mystery thriller The Stranger – to develop the 2012 novel into a Netflix title.

The publication reported that Netflix and Red have not yet attached a writer or cast to the project, which will follow stay-at-home mum Megan, photographer Ray and detective Broome – all of whom are dissatisfied with their lives and hiding dark secrets.

Netflix has previously worked with Red on Coben's Safe in 2018 and 2016's The Five, which also aired on Sky in the UK.

In August 2018, American author Coben signed a five-year deal with Netflix to develop 14 of his novels into series and films for the platform, the latest project being Polish series The Woods which premieres on 12th June.

Advertisement has reached out to Netflix and Red Production Company for comment.

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