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Grace season 2, episode 4 ending explained: What happened to Callie?

*Contains spoilers for Grace season 2 episode 4, Dead Tomorrow.*

John Simm as Roy Grace and Richie Campbell as Branson in Grace
Published: Sunday, 22nd May 2022 at 10:00 pm
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Season 2 of Grace has come to an end, but not without some serious drama.


The latest episode in the ITV crime drama saw Grace and Branson investigating when a body is dredged up from the seabed of the English Channel. When two more bodies are found Grace finds that this is part of a chilling design.

Meanwhile we followed up on Roy and Cleo's relationship after she called time last week, as Glenn's wife also expressed concerns about how he's changed since he was shot.

It all came to a shocking end with a big cliffhanger, but exactly what did happen, and how do we leave the characters going into a potential third season?

Read on for everything you need to know about the ending of Grace: Dead Tomorrow.

*Warning – this article contains full spoilers for the Grace: Dead Tomorrow*

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Where did the bodies come from?

John Simm in Grace
John Simm in Grace ITV

When a body is dredged up from the seabed with both of his eyes removed, it seems clear foul play is at work. Glenn later finds two more bodies on a search of the surrounding waters, both with organs removed with considerable medical expertise. Grace deduces that the team is dealing with some kind of trade in human organs.

Through further investigation, they discover that an operation is unfolding on the south coast where migrants who have crossed the channel are being lured with the promise of a good job and a nice flat in London, as long as they pass medical tests. These tests actually determine whether they will be a good match for those looking for organ donations - those who pass are killed and their organs harvested.

Who was involved?

Alec Newman as Joe Baker in Grace.
Alec Newman as Joe Baker in Grace. ITV

The scheme was headed up by Joe Baker, who had a considerable criminal record including controlling prostitution for gain and was believed to be the British end of a Romanian sex trafficking ring, and Julia Giroux, a Swiss-French woman who had suspected links to organised crime in Colombia. However, there were plenty more people involved.

Jim Telby, the owner and skipper of the boat Glenn went on to search for bodies had actually helped to dump them in the first place, although his guilty conscience seems to have meant he left them where they would be found. Joe killed him when he found out he had taken the police out on the boat.

Additionally, while the scheme initially worked with a surgeon named Noah Cobb, after he had an accident they recruited Dr Roger Gunnislake, who it seems had been involved in the world of organ trafficking for some time.

At the end of the episode, once they are all caught and the operation is stopped, Gunnislake says: "I've been practicing medecine long enough to learn its one harsh, inescapable truth - that you can't save them all". Grace follows up by saying: "But we can at least try".

What happened to Callie Backhurst?

Throughout the episode we follow Layla Backhurst, who is willing to resort to any means necessary to find a new liver for her daughter Callie, in order to save her life.

When Callie discovers where her liver will be coming from she runs away and collapses. The police frantically search for her having arrested those involved with the scheme. However, just as this is happening Layla finds a message on her phone from Callie's father Marcus, who says the NHS have a suitable match for Callie.

This turns out to be Noah Cobb, the scheme's initial surgeon who went into a coma following a motorcycle accident, bringing the whole case full circle. We don't see the results, but we are told medics are hopeful and it seems Callie has been saved, although her mother Layla is expected to receive a custodial sentence for her attempt to illegally purchase a liver.

Where are things left for the team?

Zoe Tapper and John Simm in Grace
Zoe Tapper and John Simm in Grace ITV

This final episode of season 2 saw some major revelations and changes for the team. Not only do Grace and Cleo seem to be back on track, he's told her that he's decided to have Sandy declared legally dead, a major step in his journey towards moving on.

Meanwhile, Glenn has decided to go back to counselling after his wife and Roy both expressed their concerns about his reckless behaviour after he was shot.

Finally, the big major change going into the next season is that it appears ACC Alison Vosper is moving on from the team, having been appointed assistant commissioner at the MET in London. Grace had kind words for her and assured her that he never questioned her integrity, although its fair to say he and Glenn won't miss her too much.

And with that, it seems that everything's about wrapped up. But wait, there's just one more thing...

Wait, Sandy's alive?!

It certainly seems that way. At the end of the episode, as Grace waited for a lunch date with Cleo, he received a call from an old friend in Germany who says he thinks he saw Sandy out there, alive and well.

A shocked Grace made a choice - he decided to hang up the call, continue with the date, and focus on Cleo. But how long will that last? We're sure this tease will be picked up in a future season if the ITV crime drama returns, but for now we're left wondering what it could all mean and just what did happen to make Sandy disappear for all this time.

All five episodes of Grace are available on ITV and ITV Hub. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide and our Drama hub.

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