German and British cops clash in BBC ex-pat detective drama The Mallorca Files

There’s trouble in paradise in this sunny new crime series from the creator of The Good Karma Hospital

Mallorca (Getty, EH)

The writer of Good Karma Hospital and Trust Me has a new sun-drenched detective drama coming to BBC1: The Mallorca Files.


Dan Sefton is showrunner on the Spanish-set daytime drama which centres around the ex-pat community in Mallorca and, more specifically, a British and German detective butting heads over how to police the island.

British copper Miranda Blake is a “self-confessed introvert” who takes everything very seriously, while her German counterpart Max Wolf is, you guessed it, a total extrovert and has a much more free-spirited approach.

The clash between the pair promises to be full of “humour as well as thrills” as they endeavour to solve crimes in Mallorca.

Sefton said: “With influences from Almodovar to Coen Brothers, The Mallorca Files brings a fresh new spin to the story of two supposedly mismatched cops forced into an uneasy partnership.

“Set in the picture-perfect Balearic Island of Mallorca, action-packed, quirky and full of memorable characters, wit, and spectacle, this show is the perfect antidote to the British weather.”


The ten-part series is penned by a team of writers. It will begin production in November this year and air on BBC1 in 2019. Casting is yet to be confirmed.

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