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Game of Thrones season 6 episode 1 - live blog

Is Jon Snow dead? Is Daenerys in trouble? As the fantasy smash-hit drama returns, we're following all the developments live at 2am

Published: Sunday, 24th April 2016 at 10:50 pm

It's finally here! No, not winter (we still have a bit of a wait for that) but something almost as long-anticipated – the sixth season of HBO fantasy smash Game of Thrones. Tonight here at we'll be following along with every twist and turn, watching the series' first episode alongside the Americans (and those intrepid UK fans up late) at 2am GMT on Sky Atlantic, and chatting to you on this live blog (updated below with the most recent posts at the top).


We're kicking things off about midnight, so we'll see you all then for a grand old time. It is known.

This live blog is now concluded

03.30: Anyway, that's me wrapping up this first episode. In summary, no matter what horrors reign down we can always see some hope as long as Davos gets to be sassy. And for now, Jon Snow is definitely (maybe sorta) dead.

And now my watch has ended.

03.20: Current theory RE: Jon Snow, btw, is that he'll be back in action by episode three, with its title Oathbreaker referring to him leaving The Night's Watch to fight for the Starks. But then again, we thought he might be back tonight so what does the internet know?

03.12: "On second thoughts, let's not go to Dorne. It is a silly place."

03.08: Also, tough day to be Dornish. Though at least Trystane didn't live to hear about Myrcella's death

03.05: Overall, quite a "setting-up" episode - so many characters to visit, sometimes feels like we don't progress that much.

03.02: On a side note, we didn't quite get what we were expecting for Jon Snow today. Did he get resurrected?

03.00: Perhaps she's some missing Targaryen? Can't really think who else she could be...

02.59: So does this mean Melisandre is secretly someone from Westeros' past? But who...

02.57: Oh wow - looks like Melisandre has had a bit of a Mother Gothel thing going on, keeping her real (advanced) age a secret.

02.55: Come on, Melisandre...there's SNOW way they can get out of this without your help! Or you know, you could just get naked again. You do you.

02.53: "Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him... stretch out with your feelings."

02.52: Ooh, Arya regretting that decision last series? Arya?

02.50: Also, I hope we get to see more of the Khal Komedians.

02.47: Daenerys RN:

02.44: "And the aqueducts!"

02.42: Well these Dothraki seem like charming gents.

02.39: Nice that Jorah the Explorer keeps checking his stony wrists to remind us he's poorly. And whaddayaknow? He found that bracelet Daenerys dropped like Merry and Pippin in The Two Towers.

02.36: I could genuinely watch an entire show where Varys just makes pithy put-downs at Tyrion's expense.

02.33: So RIP Prince Doran – we need some colour-coded name for that betrayal now. The Yellow Meeting?

02.32: Oh, some serious stuff just went Dorne.

02.31: Gwendoline Christie's one scene in this episode is already more than her entire runtime in The Force Awakens (probably).

02.29: The story so far: Jon Snow is dead, Sansa and Theon got away, the Boltons and Lannisters are both pissed. More as we have it.

02:24 Excellent pep-talking Jaime! The Lannisters are back in action.

02.22: WELP, this was a bad time to take a bite of Pepperoni pizza. Thanks Cersei.

02.20: Or alternatively as my viewing companion put it: "Stupidly coincidental. Seriously?" Everyone's a critic.

02.19: Oh this is genuinely heartwarming. Briansa 4eva.

02.17: Yes, Brienne! And the Pod that was Promised! Riding in to save the day!

02.16: Who let the dogs out?

02.14: Sansa and Theon have escaped, but they're not out of the WOODS yet, eh? Eh?


Sorry, it is past 2am.

02.13: Ooh, we were so close to feeling a little bit sorry for Ramsay there. Then he HAD to feed his dead girlfriend to the dogs.

02.10: These guys are easily persuaded of the righteousness of murder, I must say.

02.08: Unless of course Melisandre can help with her magic - could this be her...

02:06: Does rather feel like Jon is dead here – sorry guys.

02.05: Jon has looked better, I must say.

02.02: Oh, theme song time! Dunnn, dunnn, dun-da-dun dunn, dada-dunn….

(I’m assuming you’re all doing the bass parts at home RN)

02.01: In case you couldn't tell, I'm feeling pretty psyched about the next 60 minutes of television viewing.

01.58: The question of the night – did we just see Jon die? And if so, how long will he stay dead? Not long to find out now!!

01.57: Man, Apple fanboys can go too far.

01.55: No Jon NOOOOOO

01.50: This whole scene is pretty horrific and very well done. On a lighter note, here's a great cosplay someone did of it.

01.47: Another new arrangement of the Rains of Castamere as Cersei prepares for her shame walk. By this rate, we'll have a dubstep version in-show by season seven.

01.43: GoT making us exercise by putting quiet, quiet Jonathan Pryce scenes after Dothraki screaming. We're gonna wear out the volume button at this rate.

01.42: Oh it's the SHAME! lady.

01.34: Varys and Tyrion, back together again. My favourite fan theory from Game of Thrones concerns Varys incidentally - some people think he's a mermaid.

01.30: Can't wait 'til these guys' first single drops.

01.28: "Here mother, have this antidote - but only after you've bled in a stylish and incriminating way on the docks."

01.27: Jaime having a heart-to-heart with his daughter and making a real connection. The show couldn't have telegraphed her death more if she'd told Jon Snow she'd tell him more about his mother soon.

01.25: Great and trippy as that whole Arya sequence is, I can never shake the feeling that Arrested Development's Gene Parmesan is secretly a Facless Man.

01.21: Should Arya kill Ser Meryn Trant? The eyes have it!

01.18: "Tune in next week to see whether Sansa and Theon escape their terrible fate!"

01.15: Iwan Rheon killing people there. Weird how many Welsh people play villains in this series - him, Jonathan Pryce (High Sparrow), Owen Teale (Alliser Thorne), Robert Pugh (Craster). Though I may be a little biased here.

01.12: Stannis Stannis Stannis. Despite everything, I can't help but think I'll miss you a bit.

01.05: Big fan of this theory as to what we can expect from GoT this year. Tommen vs The Night's King: Dawn of Just Ice Zombies.

01.02: We're onto the final episode of season five and it's basically Stannis Baratheon and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day so far.

00:56: "Later losers, have fun dying." And as Dany weirdly leaves her friends to die in an arena, we're done with that episode!

00.51 Oh cool, we've got to this bit.

00.47 Like us, some fans are getting pretty impatient for the new episode. Though Jorah fighting is always fun.

00.38 Ah jeez, that was horrible. Poor Shireen.

00.34: You see what Stannis is wearing there? That's Dad material. And coincidentally it's also flame-retardant.

00.23: Arya's Terrible Internship continues. "A man will not pay you for the corpse-cleaning or assassinations, but a girl will get great exposure."


This is an excellent point.


Pretty excited Maisie, not gonna lie.

00.08: Oh God, I've just remembered what happens in this episode.

00.04: Right, now the fun really begins - the penultimate episode from last year is showing to remind us what all the seventy billion characters were up to last time we saw them.

11.53: Sky Atlantic currently showing clips of the Red Wedding. Robb Stark, you were taken from this world too young <3. But naming your child after Sean Bean is always a mistake.

11.50: Hi everyone! We’re still a couple of hours away from the season six premiere, and ready to warm up by watching the 9th and 10th episodes of season 5 on Sky Atlantic as they’re re-aired.


As I’m sure you all know the night is dark and full of terrors, but tonight it’s also full of Game of Thrones so I think we’re coming out evens.


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