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The Bay fans left confused by open-ended series finale

We've still got so many questions...

Morven Christie plays DC Lisa Armstrong in The Bay
Published: Wednesday, 24th February 2021 at 10:25 pm

The Bay has once again proved to be gripping television, from the shocking first five minutes of this series to the unexpected drama that followed.


So fans were expecting a thrilling finale, especially in the knowledge that Morven Christie, who plays detective Lisa Armstrong, wouldn't be returning for series three. Would she be killed off? Would she leave the police? What would the final twist be?

What transpired left some viewers confused.

**Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for Wednesday night's finale**

Rather than going out with a bang, the show gave us an open ending, leaving plot lines still to be resolved. Although the main investigation was wrapped up neatly, we didn't find out who was responsible for Med's shocking death. Instead, we just saw Lisa telling his widow that they may never find his killer, but they were "so close".

The show then ended with Lisa confronting Andy about why he had returned to their family. She gave him the chance to confess to the children about his real motives for coming back, but instead he chose to walk away. We saw Lisa comforting her kids before the camera panned out to a view of Morecambe.

Many fans were upset that nobody was brought to justice for Med's death, taking to Twitter to express their confusion over a 'strange' ending that left 'a lot of unanswered questions'. One fan wrote, "Totally lost, how can you leave a series like that? Who killed Med?'

While others complained the finale was an 'anti-climax', one fan even suggested a #JusticeForMed campaign. Some tweeters wondered if Med's death would form part of the plot for series three, which has already been commissioned by ITV.

Not everyone was so critical though, with many pointing out that the series had brightened up their Wednesday nights. One viewer wrote, "Not sure about the ending but I've really enjoyed watching over the past six weeks, I love these characters, Morven Christie will definitely be missed."


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