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Fans are convinced they've solved Liar's big series two mystery already

We won't get an answer until 2019 but viewers of the ITV drama are certain they know 'whodunnit'

Published: Tuesday, 17th October 2017 at 11:36 am

If you've not yet watched the series finale of ITV's Liar you'd best look away because fans of the show are convinced they've already solved the major new mystery it sets up for series two and you may not want to find out what it is just yet.



Ok, here goes.

Fans of Liar are convinced that they've solved the mystery of Andrew Earlham's murder, long before the second series will officially reveal who the killer is.

The final episode saw the surgeon appear to evade capture after he'd been rumbled by Joanne Froggatt's Laura, but he didn't exactly get away with his crimes. Earlham met quite the grisly end, it seems, and we last spotted his body floating in the very waters we've now come to associate with the show.

But who killed Andrew? That's the question writers Jack and Harry Williams tell us they will answer during the show's second series in 2019. However, some fans don't think we need to wait that long.

In fact, more than 50% of fans polled by reckon they've solved the murder already and are convinced Jill Halfpenny's character, soldier Jennifer, is the one responsible.

Jill Halpenny as DI Harman's wife Jennifer in Liar

"It has to be someone capable of taking Andrew’s corpse out to the marshes by canoe, so I’d say the policewoman’s wife!" said Glen Mgf on Facebook.

"Soldier girl!" Erika Stanbury wrote. "It's the obvious choice, maybe too obvious, but she should be playing a bigger part in the series so I think her!"

The second favourite on the list of suspects was Andrew's son, Luke, who seemed a little less certain of his dad's innocence towards the end of the series. He nabbed 22% of the vote.

Luke Earlham Liar

And in third place with 9.5% was Laura's ex, Tom, who sacrificed his career in a bid to help her put Earlham behind bars.

Laura was voted one of the least likely murderers (5.8% of readers thought she was the culprit), just ahead of her sister Katy who a mere 3.98% of readers thought capable of the crime.

Other popular theories included the possibility that the women had banded together to take the doctor down, and that he wasn't actually dead at all.

The sofa sleuths will have to wait and see if they're proven correct when the series returns but one thing is certain: they won't want undercover police officer Charlotte – who was caught red-handed trying to take a sample of Andrew's wine – on the case.


Liar will return to ITV in 2019


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