Entourage stars Emmanuelle Chriqui and Kevin Connolly: E and Sloan will have to grow up one day

Actors who play on-off lovers in the HBO hit say they would like to make another film - but the time will come when their characters have to settle down

So how long will Entourage last?


After eight series of the hit show and now a film, how long can the characters carry on gliding through Hollywood, enjoying the party life and hopping into bed with models?

That is certainly a question on the minds of Kevin Connolly and Emmanuelle Chriqui, the actors who play the show’s on-off lovers E and Sloan in the hit drama (and now the film).

Connolly told us that in real life he has left behind the party lifestyle and is “pissed” if he’s not in bed before midnight. “As you get older there’s less interest in doing things that wild”, he says.

As for Chriqui, apparently she still enjoys partying with the best of them…

The film takes up the action a few months after the finale of the TV show, which wrapped up after eight seasons in 2011.

As the TV show ended, Hollywood star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) was apparently in love, Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold had given up his job as an agent and the rest of the cast seemed to have found different kinds of happiness.

Of course that doesn’t make for an exciting movie so their lives have unravelled again: E and Sloan start the film expecting their first baby but not as a couple.


Entourage is released in the UK on June 19th