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Doctor Foster viewers are VERY worried about Gemma's crazy behaviour

Episode two of the BBC drama left the audience with cause for concern about the unhinged doc

Published: Wednesday, 13th September 2017 at 9:55 am

We saw signs in last week’s wedding party from hell that Gemma might be losing the plot and episode two of Dr Foster saw Suranne Jones’s character go further off the rails.


Firstly, we saw her stalk not only her ex-husband Simon, but her teenage son Tom too.

And she also shared a bottle of wine with her son’s 13-year-old friend Max. Who she then started probing about Tom’s sex life. Obviously.

And in the same episode Foster hit the town, boozing heavily (again) in a nightclub.

Overall, viewers thought our Doc had one very crazy night...

And the audience was left wondering if she'd gone too far this episode.

But however worried they were about Foster's current state, most are still #TeamGemma.

But hey, however painful it is to see the doctor spiral into madness, it's certainly an entertaining watch.


Doctor Foster returns 8pm Tuesday, BBC1


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