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Doctor Foster fans are absolutely delighted about Simon's downfall

Episode four of the second series of Mike Bartlett's drama saw the cheating Simon's lies catch up with him...

Published: Wednesday, 27th September 2017 at 9:14 am

Doctor Foster returned to our TV screens in episode four after her dramatic episode three Parminster exit, and set about bringing cheating ex-husband Simon’s (Bertie Carvel) world crashing down.


Suranne Jones’s Gemma worked her way through his family and friends in a 60-minute serving of Mike Bartlett’s Bafta-winning drama, which viewers described as one of the most “gripping” hours of TV yet.

Gemma first planted the seed of doubt about Simon’s fidelity in Kate’s (Jodie Comer) head, before arranging for a number of people to help lure the young mum to a hotel on the outskirts of the fictional town.

After an intense showdown between Kate and her husband, the former bit on the side returned to see the good doctor, who showed her a few things that left her determined to ditch Simon for the sake of their daughter, Amelie.

Simon was NOT best pleased, breaking down at his front door as his world crumbled.

The audience, however, was loving it.

They had little sympathy for the man who’d ruined not one but two marriages across the course of the two series. In fact, the majority of readers said they had absolutely no sympathy for him at all.

“I did to begin with,” wrote Sarah Partridge on Facebook, “but then when when he started lashing out blaming everyone else and refusing to take responsibility again then no. If anyone's the psychopath it's him!”

“Not in the least,” wrote Maggie Wright. “I only feel sorry for the two children involved”.

They didn’t seem to have much sympathy for Kate either.

In fact, they wondered why she’d even married Simon in the first place.

They were delighted when she drained all his money, though.

And really just wanted her to join forces with Gemma.

Oh, and they absolutely adored her dad, who gleefully greeted Simon when he came home to find out his wife and child were leaving him, forever.

Because watching Simon’s life crumble is what fans have been waiting for since day dot on Doctor Foster.

And let’s face it, after the way he ate that spaghetti dinner his fate was sealed.

No wonder they're so happy at the mere thought of Gemma mowing him down, as she appeared set to do before the credits rolled.

How on earth did she manage such a shattering takedown without a glass of wine?


Doctor Foster continues on BBC1 on Tuesdays at 9pm


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