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Do these Game of Thrones trailer clues prove that Jon Snow will be ALIVE in season 6?

HBO wants you to think Jon's dead. But this fan theory explains why he might not be lying on that slab for very long...

Published: Wednesday, 9th March 2016 at 10:10 am

Is Jon Snow dead? Yes, that question is still very much alive.


Because first it seemed like the Night's Watch commander was a goner, then it seemed like he might be resurrected, and then it sounded like he was dead after all.

And the trailer certainly wants fans to think Snow is well and truly dead.

Laid out on a slab, he's described as "gone" by a sombre-sounding Ser Davos as mournful guitar music makes us feel all weepy and existential.

He may have been a bit dull sometimes but it's still really sad. Good old Jon.


But hang on a minute. We don't think Jon will be flat out on that slab for very long.

Firstly, Melisandre appears in the trailer, undressing (as usual) and looking like a woman who will get her way. And it could be that she's preparing to bring Jon back from the dead. Remember when she tried it on with him?

She clearly sees something intriguing in him, and with Stannis dead, she needs a new ally. More about that here...


Here, Davos stands over a pyre. It would make a lot of sense if this was to be for Jon's body to be burned by the Night's Watch before he turns into a white walker...


And this looks a lot like Melisandre's hand on Jon Snow's head. Is she trying to bring him back to life before the Night's Watch burn his body?


And here's the big clue. Jon's body looks like it's being guarded by his dire wolf... and Ser Davos is there, about to do something drastic.


Davos says the rather exciting line, "I’ve never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you’re about to see.” It looks like he's saying this to Jon's body: could he be trying to fight off the Night's Watch and steal the body to take back to Melisandre so that she can do her magical things to him?

And we think Davos will probably succeed. After all, he's got Longclaw, Jon's seriously powerful Valyrian steel sword...


And then there's the small point that this might actually be Jon Snow riding a horse in a battle scene. As this eagle-eyed fan pointed out, it looks a lot like him.


You really, really can't ride a horse when you're dead...

So perhaps the resurrection theory is true after all?


Game of Thrones season six airs Monday 25th April on Sky Atlantic


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