Q1: Imagine you work in a criminal investigation unit. What motivates you most?

A) The honour of protecting the public


B) Working with your talented team

C) Using your skills for good

D) You’re fascinated by the criminal mind

E) The pursuit of cold, hard justice

Q2: You’ve been tasked with investigating a potential murder suspect. How do you go about it?

A) Call the suspect in for a round of questioning

B) Go undercover and befriend them, hoping they’ll confide in you

C) Confront the suspect and let them know you’re onto them

D) Head straight to the morgue and examine the body for clues

E) Observe their behaviour from a safe distance

Q3: Every detective has their own tactics. What helps you successfully solve a case?

A) A strict set of rules that you follow every time

B) Chatting to different people helps you put the pieces together

C) Sheer determination and a willingness to do whatever it takes

D) Your ability to understand the way people think

E) Patience – every criminal will slip up at some point

Q4: A note arrives on your desk – it appears to have been written by the unidentified serial killer you are trying to catch. How do you react?

A) It just makes you even more determined

B) You don’t take it seriously and throw it away

C) It doesn’t faze you – you’ll catch them soon anyway

D) You spend hours reading into it for clues

E) The whole thing makes you feel on edge

Q5: You usually work alone, but have been asked to bring a new recruit along on your next investigation. You…

A) Have your reservations, but take them under your wing anyway

B) Are excited at the prospect of having someone to work with

C) Are reluctant – you much prefer working on your own

D) Welcome them with open arms and become their new friend

E) Feel responsible for teaching them how everything works

Mostly As [Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs]:

Jethro Gibbs

You’re most like the legendary Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs!

You’re widely regarded as the best at what you do, thanks to your strong work ethic and attention to detail. As a very methodical person, you insist on following the rules to a T, which others can sometimes find frustrating – but it’s also part of the reason they respect you so much. Generally, you’re easy to get on with, but if someone crosses the line you won’t hesitate to put them in their place!

Mostly Bs [Tony DiNozzo]:

Tony Dinozzo

You’re most like fan favourite Tony Dinozzo!

Thanks to your friendly nature and ability to connect with others, people trust you and often look to you as the natural leader of any given situation. You thrive in the spotlight, and love nothing more than working alongside your teammates. Sometimes, people mistake your confidence as complacency – but make no mistake, you’re incredibly smart and always two steps ahead of the game, so those who underestimate you do so at their own peril!

Mostly Cs [Ziva David]:

Ziva David

You’re most like the talented Ziva David!

You are a force to be reckoned with – fearless, determined and always up for a challenge. When you put your mind to something, you will always see it through, which means that you’re extremely dependable and people trust you. You prefer to work on your own, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a valued member of your team – indeed, they may not always say it to your face, but everyone thinks you’re rather special.

Mostly Ds [Donald Mallard]:


You’re most like the wonderful Ducky!

As a highly emotionally intelligent person, you’re fascinated by the psychology behind criminality and are always looking for opportunities to learn more about it. Your kindness and ability to understand people means that you’re a treasured member of the team, and people really trust you. Some say you can be eccentric, but there isn’t a single person who isn’t fond of you and your unconventionality.

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Mostly Es [Leon Vance]:

Leon Vance

You’re most like Director Leon Vance!

People think of you as someone who is trustworthy and dependable, and that’s what makes you such a great source of authority. You’re a person who believes in the power of hard work and are always fully dedicated to whatever you’re working on at any given time. While you may not be the loudest person in the room, you are held in high esteem by your whole team, and people will always stop and listen when you have something to say.

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