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Did you notice this glaring historical error in The Crown?

Some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted the blunder in a scene from season 2 of the Netflix drama

The Crown
Published: Thursday, 25th January 2018 at 11:05 am

There's a big historical error in this scene from The Crown below. But can you spot it?

The Crown season 2 continuity error
The Crown (Netflix)

It's not that the cars or even the lamppost are inaccurate for 1957. It's not even a tell-tale TV aerial or plastic alarm box spoiling the historical aspect of the shot.

One fan of the hit Netflix drama noticed that during the scene where Prince Phillip (Matt Smith) pulls up to visit the home of Michael Parker (Daniel Ings) some of the houses in the terrace are too modern.

The block with black window frames to the right of the image not only has new uPVC windows, but the building itself - located on Cadogan Terrace near Hackney Wick in East London - wasn't completed until the 1960s.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, viewer Rebecca Robins said: "It's a lovely old street with beautiful old cars and then in the background there is this big modern block.

"It's amazing it wasn't spotted and removed. They'd gone to such lengths to make it look good with old cars and no road markings, it was a pity to see the scene ruined."

'Ruined' is probably a bit of a stretch, but never mind...


The Crown is available on Netflix now.


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