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Did Michelle Keegan dye her hair blonde for Tina & Bobby?

The brunette actress is a cool 60s blonde in the ITV series - but is that really her hair?

Published: Friday, 27th January 2017 at 8:05 pm

She’s best known for her long brunette locks so when Michelle Keegan popped up as a swinging 60s blonde in Tina & Bobby, people couldn’t help but wonder if she’d actually dyed her hair.


Did Michelle Keegan dye her hair blonde for Tina & Bobby?

Yes, she did, and she was very pleased with the results by all accounts.

“I went through a massive transformation to play Tina. The colourist, Vernon Deysel, did a great job with changing the colour of my hair,” says Keegan.

“I was apprehensive at first but I wanted to embrace the character fully. A lot of actors make dramatic changes to their appearance for the characters they are playing. I thought this was a great role and I wanted to give everything to it.”


But, as eagle-eyed viewers will notice, Tina's not ALWAYS blonde. In fact, she's a brunette in episode one, so....

Does Michelle Keegan ever wear a wig in Tina & Bobby?

Yes, yes she does!

The looks created are a combination of Keegan’s real hair and a series of wigs, as hair and make-up designer Helen Tucker explains.

“In total we used five different wigs in varying colours and lengths to determine the period and style."


“In the opening episode when the audience first meets Tina in 1958, Michelle is wearing a mid-brown shoulder length wig. As the story moves on and into 1960 Michelle wears a dark brown wig for Tina’s wedding and honeymoon.

“When we get to the mid 60s Tina is blonde with mid-length hair, a wig Michelle wore with various back pieces. In the 70s Tina’s hair lengthened so Michelle wore a longer blonde wig, she then went back to mid length blonde hair for the 80s and then in the 90s she has a short blonde bob”, Tucker says.

Keegan’s own blonde hair was used on some occasions too, as the production aimed to stay as true to Tina Moore’s own style as possible.


So there you have it – consider that question well and truly answered!


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