Did Game of Thrones actually reveal Arya’s victims way back in series three?

Could there be a massive hint about who'll die next at the hands of the sassy Stark assassin hidden in series three?


If there’s one thing those Game of Thrones writers love it’s a dose of sneaky foreshadowing so it’s not exactly wild to think that Martin and the TV series creators may have dropped a hint about Arya’s future victims into series three, is it?


Redditor Rose_Killed_Jack theorises that the young Stark’s little chat with Red Priestess Melisandre could have serious consequences for blue-eyed and green-eyed characters.

We know Arya’s already bumped off the brown-eyed Meryn Trant and Polliver, but other commenters point to future potential targets, including the blue-eyed Waif (who we all know Arya isn’t exactly getting along with) and green-eyed Cersei Lannister, who together with her brother/lover crippled Arya’s brother Bran.

Could theirs be the blue and green eyes Arya shuts forever?


We’ll have to wait and errr, see.