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Did Bran Stark just confirm a major fan theory about the identity of this Game of Thrones character?


Published: Friday, 3rd June 2016 at 12:11 pm

When he's not busy disobeying the Three Eyed Raven and getting SPOILER ALERT killed, Bran Stark can be found tweeting about the latest developments in Game of Thrones and it looks as though his latest tweet may have confirmed a MAJOR fan theory about the identity of a certain character.


Fans of the books will know of Coldhands, a mysterious figure who we learn helped guide Bran and Meera safely through the world beyond The Wall to find the Three Eyed Raven.

Coldhands' identity has never been revealed, but fans did wonder whether or not he could in fact be Benjen Stark. You might remember him from Game of Thrones series 1 (when he went trotting off beyond The Wall and never returned), or from the most recent episode of series 6. Just when you thought Bran and Meera were done for, in rode the mysterious man in the hood to save the day – and of course, he turned out to be Bran's uncle.

Benjen explained that the Children of The Forest had used their magical powers to save him after he'd been attacked by the White Walkers. It seems the pesky kids created the frozen beasts, so it's no wonder they know how to deal with the injuries inflicted by them.

With all that backstory considered, Isaac Hempstead Wright's latest tweet is rather interesting.

He all but confirms that Uncle Benjen and Coldhands are one and the same.

And show creator D.B Weiss refers to him in similar terms too.

But George RR Martin has previously denied that's the case... could he have been telling fibs to turn the trail on this mystery cold?


After all that R+L=J business, we wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to stop fans working out another major plot twist.


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