Did BBC drama The Miniaturist live up to Jessie Burton’s original novel?

Adapting a book for the screen is always a challenge - do YOU think the BBC drama does a decent job?

The Miniaturist - Johannes Brandt (Alex Hassell), Marin Brandt (Romola Garai) and Nella Brandt (Anya Taylor Joy)

Jessie Burton’s 2014 novel The Miniaturist enjoyed tremendous success on the bookshelves and was even the subject of a bidding war for film and TV rights as it rose in popularity.


Burton’s book is set in 1686 and opens with eighteen-year-old Nella Oortman beginning a new life as the wife of wealthy Amsterdam merchant, Johannes Brandt. But instead of Johannes, she’s met by his cold sister Marin and quickly realises that nothing is quite right in the Brandt household.

The Miniaturist

When Johannes finally appears he presents her with an extraordinary wedding gift: a doll’s house replica of their home which is to be furnished by an elusive Miniaturist, whose tiny creations mirror what is happening within the house in unexpected ways and seem to be predicting and unravelling the future with eery accuracy.


The BBC drama made some tweaks to the plot but was, all-in-all, a rather faithful adaptation of the story. But did it live up to that story? That’s what we want YOU to decide.