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Diana Gabaldon reveals details of Outlander prequel about Jamie Fraser’s parents

The author has plans to tell the story of Sam Heughan’s on-screen mother and father

Published: Wednesday, 31st May 2017 at 10:54 am

When she’s not busy writing the ninth novel in the Outlander series, releasing new novellas that expand its universe or keeping a watchful eye on the smash hit TV series her books have inspired, Diana Gabaldon somehow has time to plan yet another Outlander adventure for Jamie Fraser’s parents.


The author tells that she is still planning to put pen to paper on a tale about Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie, the mother and father of Sam Heughan’s on screen alter ego.

“It’s more or less focused around the earlier Jacobite Rising in 1715, which resulted in the Battle of Sheriffmuir”, Gabaldon reveals.

“We know the outlines of the story, that is that Brian came to Castle Leoch and fell in love at first sight with Ellen and essentially ended up abducting her form the castle under the noses of her brothers, with the help of his best friend Murtagh.”

“So the story is about how all that happened, and also how it is that Murtagh became Jamie’s godfather because of his love for Ellen and so forth”, she continues.

Could the prequel lead to calls for an Outlander spin-off series? Gabaldon merely laughs at the suggestion.

The author, who is releasing a new collection of Outlander novellas titled Seven Stones to Stand or Fall on June 29th, has no idea when we can expect the much anticipated ninth novel in the series. And not even she knows how the story will end just yet.

The end of Claire and Jamie's saga could spell a new beginning for the author, who has some good news for fans who are dreading the say she finishes the last book.

“Since I have the novellas it’s not that I would cut it off and never write about these people again. I could always go back and pick up something from any period earlier in the books”, she laughs.


“People keep wanting me to write a short story about Christmas on Fraser’s Ridge and I’m thinking ‘eww’. See the thing is they actually didn’t do Christmas because they’re all Scots. They do Hogmanay!”


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