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Desperate John Wadsworth pleads with Vicky Fleming in deleted Happy Valley scene

Scenes which never made it into series two also show Catherine agonising over Miss Wealand and Jodie Shackleton having a heart-to-heart with Ann Gallagher

Published: Friday, 15th April 2016 at 8:19 am

Several deleted scenes which never made it into Happy Valley show just how manipulative Vicky Fleming really was in her dealings with DS John Wadsworth, and how Catherine and Clare briefly doubt whether the "mousey" Miss Wealand could really be doing anything sinister.


In the series two storyline, John's affair with Vicky takes a disturbing turn as she drugs him and blackmails him. Driven to fury and fear, he ends up killing her.

This scene, which was never shown on TV, shows an exchange between the two in which John tries to reason with his blackmailer as he hands over the first £1,000 she's demanded.

"Why are you doing this to me?" he asks.

"Because I love you and you can do better. People sometimes don't have enough respect for themselves," she responds.

She also tells a pleading, desperate John that he "hates" his children and that this is the best thing for him.

In another scene, Catherine and Clare weigh up whether it's just coincidence that Miss Wealand is inspiring Ryan to talk about his dad, or whether she is actually linked to Tommy Lee Royce.

And a further clip shows Detective Jodie Shackleton chat to Ann about being a woman in the police as the duo go for a cigarette break. It's a great insight into Jodie's characters, and what she has to put up with.


If you watch all the BBC's deleted scenes, it's almost like another, albeit less dramatic, Happy Valley episode...


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