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JP Hooper star Tobi Bakare’s real-life wife on “surreal” experience playing Rosey in Death in Paradise

Prisca Bakare, Tobi Bakare's real-life wife, plays his on-screen wife in series 10 of Death in Paradise.

Prisca Bakare plays JP's wife Rosey Hooper in Death in Paradise
Published: Thursday, 21st January 2021 at 12:13 pm

Prisca Bakare, who stars as JP Hooper's wife Rosey on BBC One's Death in Paradise, has opened up about acting opposite her real-life husband Tobi Bakare on the show.


Tobi Bakare, who's played Officer JP Hooper on the detective drama since 2015, shares scenes with his wife in series 10. At the start of the season, Rosey Hooper is heavily pregnant with twins and is days away from giving birth; she also appears in later episodes, with the newborns in tow.

"It was a surreal moment working with Tobi," Prisca said. "I was very curious to see how we would get on because we can often distract each other quite easily (in a good way).

"He can be extremely funny or very grounded and serious, so I was hoping I would get the grounded and serious side of him so he wouldn’t distract me or make me break out into laughing fits!

"Fortunately, I got his grounded and serious side which really helped me focus on the job and stay in character."

Prisca added that she drew on her real-life experiences of being pregnant, saying: "After having three children in real life who are all under the age of five, meant that the memories of giving birth were extremely fresh and recent so to act being pregnant came very naturally for me.

"This was by far my favourite pregnancy!"

Tobi Bakare as JP in Death in Paradise
Tobi Bakare as JP in Death in Paradise (BBC)

Rosey was previously played by the actress Fola Evans-Akingbola, but – with filming for Death in Paradise delayed in 2020 by the pandemic – she was unable to return to the role.

At the last minute, Prisca was asked to step in.

Speaking to during the exclusive Death in Paradise season 10 live Q&A, Tobi said that having his real-life wife on set was "quite daunting".


"You create a perception that you're this artist when you get into the house, then she sees you at work and she's like, 'Tobi what's wrong with you, behave yourself,' So all the perception has gone out the window."

Death in Paradise series 10 concludes on Thursday 18th February at 9pm. Take a look at the rest of our Drama coverage, or check out what else is on with our TV guide

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