Death comes to Poplar in Call the Midwife series finale

Pass the tissues! Nonnatus House is going to be hit by a very personal tragedy this Sunday...


Call the Midwife fans are no strangers to sobbing on a Sunday evening. The long-running period drama is known for being shocking, upsetting and, occasionally, downright depressing. But this Sunday’s episode is set to be a real heart-breaker.


“Tragedy hits Nonnatus House when they lose one of their own,” reveals the BBC, toying with our emotions by releasing this ominous image of a hearse parked outside Nonnatus.


The series five finale, which airs this Sunday, will feature a wedding, a birth (or two) and a funeral. But who is being laid to rest?

We can see PC Noakes and Tom stood sombrely either side of the funeral carriage, so they are safe. But the rest of the Nonnatus nuns and nurses are worryingly nowhere to be seen.

As for us, we’ve been sworn to secrecy. All we’ll say is wear waterproof mascara and keep a bumper box of tissues close.


Call the Midwife concludes tomorrow at 8:00pm on BBC1