Deadwater Fell: 5 questions we have after episode 2’s huge twist

Suspicion is running high in the village of Kirkdarroch as shocking new information comes to light **CONTAINS SPOILERS**


Channel 4’s Deadwater Fell continues to be a fascinating watch with its second episode revealing a little more information but ultimately leaving more questions than answers.


The events leading up to the devastating fire remain unclear, but one thing is for certain: something was seriously wrong in the Kendrick household.

Here are the five biggest questions we have after the second episode and that shocking last minute twist:

Why did Dylan lie in his police statement?

Dylan (Lewis Gribben)

Viewers will be left reeling from a shocking revelation in the closing moments, which proves Dylan’s police testimony to be false.

After Steve finds nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) canisters in the woods, he determines that local tearaway Dylan was near the scene of the fire on the night it started.

When confronted, Dylan admits that he does have information relevant to the police investigation, telling detectives he saw Tom (David Tennant) in the woods chasing after his young daughter Emily.

In flashback, it is revealed that Kate was actually the one running after her, with the implication being that Dylan has willingly lied to police about what he saw – but why?

The teen doesn’t appear to have any affection for Kate, insensitively joking about her death in the first episode, so it seems unlikely that he had any loyalty or drive to protect her.

Perhaps he has a vendetta against Tom, who is shown to be a manipulative figure and could possibly have intimidated Dylan over his misdemeanours in the past.

What was Kate doing in the woods with Emily?

Emily Kendrick (Orla Russell)

If Kate did chase after her daughter on the night of the fire, does that confirm her guilt in the terrible murder? Don’t be so sure.

Crime mysteries have a habit of throwing people off the scent and there’s a lot this scene doesn’t tell us.

For example, we don’t know when it takes place in relation to the fire – it could be immediately before or hours earlier.

Nor do we know what exactly Emily was fleeing from, meaning it’s possible she could have been running to escape her father and Kate was just trying to help.

With two episodes to go, there’s a lot more information left to come out about what really happened, so it would be wise not to leap to any conclusions just yet…

Why was Kate so unhappy?

Kate Kendrick (Anna Madeley

In a heartbreaking scene in the second episode, a drunk Kate is put to bed by Jess and husband Tom, and left in the dark as she sobs and cries out: “I don’t want to feel like this anymore.”

In the first episode, we learned that she was suffering from depression, a mental illness which can be worsened by toxic living conditions.

These seem to match that description, as Tom shows remarkably little sympathy for his distraught wife, nonchalantly putting her to bed with a mocking pat on the head.

Notably, this scene is set before Tom sleeps with her best friend Jess, meaning that even if Kate discovered her husband’s infidelity, the situation was already dire. But could it have driven her to murder?

What is Tom hiding?

l-r: Sgt. Steve Campbell (Matthew McNulty) and Tom Kendrick (David Tennant)

Throughout this episode, Jess asks the grieving Tom what Kate was saying before the fire, specifically if anything could give them a clue about her motives or state of mind.

He dismisses her questioning each time, leaving the distinct impression that there’s something he isn’t telling us.

Taking another look at his first police interview arouses only more suspicion, as he describes an idyllic relationship with his wife which we know simply isn’t true.

At the very least, his initial appearance as a pillar of the community is rapidly losing its credibility.

It’s revealed that before sleeping with Jess, he had previously been unfaithful with Kate’s old classmate Sasha, who feels he only did so out of a desire to break up their friendship.

In addition, the way he treats Jess, both during their sexual encounter and later by exposing himself to her, shows a definite malicious streak to his character.

Whether or not he actually started the fire, Tom has a lot to answer for…

What will Steve do if Jess becomes pregnant?

Sgt. Steve Campbell (Matthew NcNulty)

By the end of episode two, Jess and Steve’s relationship is on the rocks after she confesses to having sex with Tom.

But, having just started their second round of IVF treatment, there’s a chance that Jess could soon fall pregnant with Steve’s baby.

This realisation only adds to how furious he is with her, but it’s possible that the child they have wanted for so long could represent an opportunity for a fresh start.

Such a thing surely couldn’t exist in the small village of Kirkdarroch, where everybody knows everybody, so a move somewhere completely new could be on the cards.


Deadwater Fell continues on Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday 24th January