David Tennant plays the accent game

From Austrian to Geordie, the former Doctor Who actor had a ropey time mastering accents on Radio 1...

When it comes to accents, David Tennant’s had mixed success. His English Doctor was impeccable but his American Gracepoint detective, well, let’s just say it split opinions. 


So, when a trip to Radio 1 yesterday afternoon involved a game of accents, you can understand his reluctance. 

With Broadchurch now set for a French remake – in addition to ill-fated Gracepoint – host Matt Edmondson decided it was high time Tennant’s pronunciations were put to the test, getting the former Doctor Who star to perform various lines from Broadchurch in different accents. 


There was Welsh, Geordie, even an unfortunate attempt at Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger. Have a listen above…