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Dan Stevens and Hugh Bonneville had a Downton Abbey reunion

The Beauty and the Beast star's London promotional tour saw him run into more than one former co-star

Published: Saturday, 18th March 2017 at 10:52 am

It's been a year since the doors closed on Downton Abbey – and a full FOUR years since Matthew Crawley fell victim to a motor car – so you can imagine how pleased former co-stars Dan Stevens and Hugh Bonneville were when they bumped into each other outside BBC's Broadcasting House this week.


Bonneville was on site to film his mockumentary comedy W1A which is set within – and ridicules – the Beeb, while Stevens was on the London leg of his epic Beauty and the Beast promotional tour.

And the pair couldn't look have looked delighted to see one another.

Stevens – who departed the series in 2012 – has gone on to launch a Hollywood career, starring in the Disney remake as well as appearing in recently-renewed X-Men series Legion.

Meanwhile, Bonneville stuck with Downton Abbey until its final episode which aired on Christmas Day 2015, as did co-star Laure Carmichael (Lady Edith) who Stevens also bumped into during his time in the capital.

The pair were pictured together at the launch of Christopher Kane's Beauty and the Beast capsule collection as Carmichael stepped out to support her former colleague.


No silver cutlery or pearl necklaces in sight but this picture makes us smile all the same.


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