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Cult drama Robin of Sherwood is back – and we have the exclusive first trailer

The 1980s ITV series has been revived as an audio drama featuring all the surviving cast members, including Jason Connery, Ray Winstone and Nickolas Grace

Published: Saturday, 7th May 2016 at 9:06 am

Cult ITV drama Robin of Sherwood is back – and we have the exclusive first listen of the brand new audio drama.


30 years after the drama was last seen on TV, every surviving member of the cast has returned to record the crowd-funded new episode as an audio production.

Jason Connery, Ray Winstone, Clive Mantle and Judi Trott all return as Sherwood Forest's outlaws, while Nickolas Grace reprises his role of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Hear the trailer for the new drama below.

The project will raise money for the British Red Cross and the Sherwood Forest Trust, two charities close to late creator Richard Carpenter's heart.

The story itself, called The Knights of the Apocalypse, is taken from an unseen script from 1989, set after the original series ended.

"Every generation has a series of evocative shows which shape, focus and inspire the young mind," said Clive Mantle, who plays Little John. "We were extremely lucky and privileged to be involved in a classic for a generation. It had a huge heart at its centre."

Jason Connery (Robin Hood) added, "I think it's a universal story, that generations can pass down. Many fans come to me and say they watch the show with their kids and, in some ways (with it being a period piece), it never ages... unlike us!"


The full drama will be heard for the first time this Saturday 7th May in London; check the official Facebook page for details of where to find your copy.


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