Cruel confection – Dexter gets a taste of his own medicine

As the final season of Dexter starts on FOX, the show's star comes to a sticky (and crumby) end...

To celebrate the start of Dexter’s eighth and final series, Fox have cooked up a fairly bonkers send off for the show’s protagonist.


After seven seasons, 125 kills and thousands of rolls of cling film, Dexter is finally getting a taste of his own medicine.

The time has come to say goodbye to our favourite serial killer and what better way than to bake a life sized Dexter out of cake, dress him in human clothes, wrap him up in clingfilm, take him into a makeshift ‘kill room’ and then butcher him?

Food artist Miss Cakehead, who dedicated over 100 hours to constructing the creepy cake, said: “The cake is so lifelike that cutting into it was a deeply unpleasant experience and I did have to close my eyes…” Bleurgh.

WARNING: This is not a pudding for those of a sensitive disposition. Only those with strong stomachs should scroll on…



Dexter returns to FOX on Sunday 7 July at 9:00pm