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Could you hear what was going on in Rillington Place?

Some were gripped by BBC1's dark serial killer drama – others couldn't cope with the mumbling

Published: Tuesday, 6th December 2016 at 5:39 pm

Last night viewers ventured into the home of serial killer John Reginald Christie for the first episode of the new BBC1 drama Rillington Place.


The retelling of the tale Yorkshire-born strangler (played by Tim Roth) – who killed eight women in his Notting Hill flat – and his wife Ethel (Samantha Morton) provided a look into the dark mind of a mass-murderer. So dark, in fact, that some viewers couldn’t see what was going on.

However, some viewers on's Facebook page thought it added to the drama...

As well as the darkness on screen, other viewers claimed the struggled to hear Tim Roth's creepy whispers...

Although others liked the historical accuracy of Tim Roth's mumbles (John Christie said he lost his voice after a mustard gas attack in The First World War).

But others were still unimpressed, finding the drama too slow to unfold.

However, the series has clearly provoked many responses, with some celebrating Tim Roth and Samantha Morton's "acting masterpiece".

So, what was YOUR verdict on the show? If you've got an opinion, leave it in the comment box below.


Rillington Places continues 9pm next Tuesday


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