Cold Feet viewers were in fits of laughter over THAT sex tape attempt

Pete and Jen's savoury take on the sex scene from 9½ weeks is a sight to behold

Cold Feet

Last night’s Cold Feet gave us a glimpse at Pete and Jen’s botched attempt to recreate the sex scene from 80s film 9 1/2 weeks, which left viewers in fits of laughter.


The episode was dominated by the shock release of Tina’s sex tape, which has put her relationship with Adam on rocky ground – but as always, Pete was on board to provide some comic relief, sharing with the rest of the Cold Feet lads that he and Jen had once made an amateur video of their own.

Attempting to recreate the scene from Adrian Lyne’s film in which stars Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger feed each other strawberries, whipped cream and honey in the nude in front of an open fridge, Pete and Jen took to the kitchen in silk robes and got down and dirty with eggs, yoghurt and baked beans as Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire played in the background. It wasn’t pretty, but the fans loved it.


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