Cold Feet then and now

Thirteen years since we last saw them, here's a first look at the cast of the ITV drama as they return for a reunion series


Ok, so a Friends reunion may not be happening but, for UK fans at least, this is the next best thing…


ITV’s thirtysomething drama Cold Feet is coming back and below is a first look at the cast as they prepare to get to work.

One major character is of course missing. Sadly, Helen “Emily from Friends” Baxendale is not among the line-up because her character Rachel (no wonder Ross got confused at the altar, right?) was killed in a car crash in the fifth and final series in 2003. But the rest of the gang are back together.

Here’s what they looked like then.


And here they are now, from left to right, Robert Bathurst as David, Fay Ripley as Jenny, John Thomson as Pete, Hermione Norris as Karen, James Nesbitt as Adam.


They’ve hardly changed a bit, have they? And at least these days they have the decency to put some clothes on…


Cold Feet returns to ITV for a new eight-part series later this year