Adam and Tina has been a romance waiting to happen all the way through the latest Cold Feet reboot. And tonight, matters came to a head.


James Nesbitt’s charmer has been kicking his heels since the departure of his new bride Angela, and his flirtatious friendship with his landlady (charmingly played by Leanne Best) was always going to head somewhere.

Tonight we got a proper look at her married lover, Alastair Mackenzie’s Jamie. We also met his hurt and distressed wife, who came to the flat looking for him – which set Tina on a bit of a wobble, even after Adam managed to see off the distressed spouse by suggesting that her husband was probably gay. He's always been, er, resourceful in a crisis, has our Adam.

Tina also spilled the beans about her past in a later scene. Like Adam, she told him over a drink, she has lost a spouse – her husband had MS and died, leaving her a healthy property portfolio. The two seemed made for each other.

But there was a brilliant, trademark Cold Feet climax when Adam and Tina argued and she slapped him, leading to a passionate kiss – before Jamie showed up on her doorstep, promising his undying love and saying he had left his wife. All while strumming You’re Gorgeous on a guitar.

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So Tina has to decide whether to turn the no-strings affair into something serious, or make a go of it with Adam.

Elsewhere, there was comic relief from Pete, who has embraced with some gusto his wife Jen's suggestions about taking up the new-agey therapeutic practice of mindfulness to help him with his depression. He also reached a compromise with Harry’s family over his late friend’s financial legacy, while Jen and Karen’s failed attempt to work together threatened to damage their friendship before they managed to laugh it all off.

David (Robert Bathurst), traditionally the butt of Cold Feet comedy over the years, has been the subject of perhaps the darkest plotlines of this series. His knavish financial dealings have landed him in trouble with the police, with his once comfortably-off character becoming emblematic of the financial crisis that hit the world in the years when Cold Feet was off our screens.

But, thanks to an excellent performance from Bathurst, David's helplessness and despair has been quite affecting at times, as he has reflected on his second failed marriage and the possibility of getting banged up. Prison may be like boarding school (as he said of his brief stint on remand), but I don’t think he’ll cope with the shame terribly well.

His attempts to secretly record his boss (who knew what he was up to) came to naught, and it has been sad to watch him stumble from one failure to the next. He even had to rely on Karen to stand up to his ex Robyn, who was threatening to screw him in their divorce.

But David didn’t entirely let us down. It was still funny to watch him try to appear less posh, putting on a Manchester accent in his rehearsals for the court.

“You’ve made mistakes David, but you’re a good man and a good father,” said Karen, which just about gets him right.

It’s probably quite a good summary of Adam as well. Whether Tina will decide to give him a go, though, is anybody’s guess…


Cold Feet concludes next Monday, 9pm ITV